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Artist Description Price   Notes
DETH CREW  s/t  $10.00 Add To Cart  
DIABOLIQUE  No 7 Nov/Dec 2011  $3.00 Add To Cart Valerie, Red State 
DIABOLIQUE  No 8 Jan/Feb 2012  $3.00 Add To Cart Woman in Black, Human Centipede 2, Black Sabbath plus more 
DISTORT  #48 - Al Monty Issue  $4.00 Add To Cart another great installment of long-running australian punk/hardcore zine 
DUKE ELLINGTON'S STORY ON RECORDS  1966-1967  $9.99 Add To Cart Compiled by Luciano Massagli 
DUKE ELLINGTON'S STORY ON RECORDS  1968-1970  $9.99 Add To Cart Compiled by Luciano Massagli 
DUKE ELLINGTON'S STORY ON RECORDS  1971-1974  $6.99 Add To Cart Compiled by Luciano Massagli 
ELVIS COMIC  #3  $2.00 Add To Cart  
ENDURE  Issue #1  $4.00 Add To Cart black and white poetry/photo zine by local artists 
FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND  #253 Dec 2010  $3.00 Add To Cart The Dead Walk 
FANGORIA  #301 March  $3.00 Add To Cart Richardf Matheson, Drive Angry, Coffin joe Returns plus more 
FASTCORE PHOTOS ISSUE #2  By Will Butler  $4.00 Add To Cart high quality punk/hc photo zine 
FOUND  Found After Dark  $12.99 Add To Cart great zine, 18+ to buy adult content! 
GAS MASK SUICIDE  1st Issue  $2.99 Add To Cart New comic from pvd artist Joe Marhoffer about a gas-mask wearing punk! 
GEARHEAD  #5  $2.00 Add To Cart Helios Creed interview 
GIL EVANS DISCOGRAPHY  1941-82  $19.99 Add To Cart by Tetsuya Tajiri 
GILLESPIE, DIZZY  Jazz Masters Series  $3.99 Add To Cart By Raymond Horricks 
GIVE ME BACK  Issue #5  $0.50 Add To Cart  
GRATITUDE FANZINE  Issue 2  $4.99 Add To Cart Interviews, Comics, More 
GRINDED INTO SLUDGE  Issue #1  $3.00 Add To Cart new zine full of content and interviews. Massgrav, PLF, lycanthropy, primitive man, gets worse andmore 
HALL, EDMOND  A Discography  $9.99 Add To Cart  
HISTORY OF NEMESIS RECORDS AND BIG FRANK  By Patrick Kitzel  $22.99 Add To Cart  
HORROR HOUND  #21 Jan/Feb 2010  $3.00 Add To Cart Wolfman Issue 
HORROR HOUND  #28 March/April 2011  $3.00 Add To Cart Scream, Walking Dead plus more 
HORROR HOUND  #32 nov/Dec 2011  $3.00 Add To Cart Remakes, The Fly, Chillerama, Halloween plus more 
HORROR HOUND  #33 Jan/Feb 2012  $3.00 Add To Cart Lost boys, plus more 
HORROR HOUND  #34 March/April 2012  $3.00 Add To Cart Dark Shadows, Christopher Lee, Walking dead plus more 
HORROR HOUND  #35 May/June 2012  $3.00 Add To Cart Alien, Loved ones, Air Video plus more 
HORROR HOUND  #37 Sept/Oct 2012  $3.00 Add To Cart Walking Dead, PG Horror plus more 
HORROR HOUND  #41 May/June 2013  $3.00 Add To Cart Beetlejuice, Maniac, 1988 plus more 
HOW TO KNOW YOURSELF AND YOUR ABILITIES  Esteban Neumann  $0.50 Add To Cart Fold out one page zine 
JAZZ POETRY ANTHOLOGY, THE  Edited By Sascha Feinstein & Yusef Komun  $2.99 Add To Cart  
JAZZ SOLOGRAPHY SERIES VOL 11  The Alto Saxophone, Trumpet, and Clarine  $9.99 Add To Cart  
JUST MAHALIA BABY  The Mahalia Jackson Story  $5.99 Add To Cart By Laurainne Goreau 
KING DORK  Frank Portman  $4.00 Add To Cart hardcover Fiction by dr. frank from mr. t experience, MTX 
LIFE IS POSERS  Inflammable Metropolis  $5.99 Add To Cart  
LIFE IS POSERS  Let's Wreck The Party  $5.99 Add To Cart  
LIFE IS POSERS  The First Four Years  $13.99 Add To Cart  
LITERATURE OF JAZZ, THE  Donald Kennington  $3.99 Add To Cart  
LIVERPOOL FANTASY  a Novel by Larry Kirwan  $4.00 Add To Cart  
LONESOME DARK, THE  Forgotten Nightmares  $6.99 Add To Cart By Alex Perry 
LOUIE LOUIE  Dave Marsh  $4.00 Add To Cart  
MAINLINES BLOOD FEASTS AND BAD TASTE  a Lester Bangs Reader  $7.00 Add To Cart  
MANCHILD  Issue 8  $3.00 Add To Cart by Brian Walsby 
MANNIX, DAIEL P  Memoirs Of A Sword Swallower  $18.99 Add To Cart  
MAXIMUM ROCK N ROLL  April 2017 No. 407  $4.99 Add To Cart Futuro, Ohyda,Ulta and more 
MAXIMUM ROCK N ROLL  June 2017 / #409  $4.99 Add To Cart  
MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL  #411 August 2017  $4.99 Add To Cart  
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