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Artist Description Price   Notes
DUKE ELLINGTON'S STORY ON RECORDS  1966-1967  $9.99 Add To Cart Compiled by Luciano Massagli 
ELVIS COMIC  #3  $2.00 Add To Cart  
ENDURE  Issue #1  $4.00 Add To Cart black and white poetry/photo zine by local artists 
ENTARTE KUNTS  Curated By Dennis Dread  $19.99 Add To Cart  
FASTCORE PHOTOS ISSUE #2  By Will Butler  $4.00 Add To Cart high quality punk/hc photo zine 
FLIPSIDE FANZINE  Issue 40  $15.00 Add To Cart White Cross, Cause For Alert, Aggression 
FLIPSIDE FANZINE  Issue 42  $15.00 Add To Cart Basic Math, Charlie Harper, Conflict USA, Doug Moody, Grim 
FLIPSIDE FANZINE  Issue 43  $15.00 Add To Cart Love Canal, Fang, Exploited 
FLIPSIDE FANZINE  Issue 46  $15.00 Add To Cart Ramones, Naked Raygun, Minutemen 
FLIPSIDE FANZINE  Issue 50  $15.00 Add To Cart Vicious Circle, Husker Du 
GAS MASK SUICIDE  1st Issue  $2.99 Add To Cart New comic from pvd artist Joe Marhoffer about a gas-mask wearing punk! 
GEARHEAD  #5  $2.00 Add To Cart Helios Creed interview 
GIL EVANS DISCOGRAPHY  1941-82  $19.99 Add To Cart by Tetsuya Tajiri 
GILLESPIE, DIZZY  Jazz Masters Series  $3.99 Add To Cart By Raymond Horricks 
GIVE ME BACK  Issue #5  $0.50 Add To Cart  
GRATITUDE FANZINE  Issue 2  $4.99 Add To Cart Interviews, Comics, More 
GRINDED INTO SLUDGE  Issue #1  $3.00 Add To Cart new zine full of content and interviews. Massgrav, PLF, lycanthropy, primitive man, gets worse andmore 
HALL, EDMOND  A Discography  $9.99 Add To Cart  
HISTORY OF NEMESIS RECORDS, THE  And Big Frank Harrison  $22.99 Add To Cart by Patrick Kitzel 
HORROR HOUND  #28 March/April 2011  $3.00 Add To Cart Scream, Walking Dead plus more 
HORROR HOUND  #35 May/June 2012  $3.00 Add To Cart Alien, Loved ones, Air Video plus more 
HORROR HOUND  #41 May/June 2013  $3.00 Add To Cart Beetlejuice, Maniac, 1988 plus more 
HOW TO KNOW YOURSELF AND YOUR ABILITIES  Esteban Neumann  $0.50 Add To Cart Fold out one page zine 
ILL INTENT  #1  $2.00 Add To Cart peacebreakers, bloody gears, paranoid records 
JAZZ SOLOGRAPHY SERIES VOL 11  The Alto Saxophone, Trumpet, and Clarine  $9.99 Add To Cart  
JUST MAHALIA BABY  The Mahalia Jackson Story  $5.99 Add To Cart By Laurainne Goreau 
LIFE IS POSERS  Inflammable Metropolis  $5.99 Add To Cart  
LIFE IS POSERS  Let's Wreck The Party  $5.99 Add To Cart  
LIFE IS POSERS  The First Four Years  $13.99 Add To Cart  
LIFE LOVE SHIRTS  A Collection Of Hardcore Clothing  $25.00 Add To Cart  
LITERATURE OF JAZZ, THE  Donald Kennington  $3.99 Add To Cart  
LIVERPOOL FANTASY  a Novel by Larry Kirwan  $4.00 Add To Cart  
LONESOME DARK, THE  Forgotten Nightmares  $6.99 Add To Cart By Alex Perry 
MAINLINES BLOOD FEASTS AND BAD TASTE  a Lester Bangs Reader  $7.00 Add To Cart  
MANNIX, DAIEL P  Memoirs Of A Sword Swallower  $18.99 Add To Cart  
MAXIMUM ROCK N ROLL  #407 April 2017  $4.99 Add To Cart Futuro, Ohyda,Ulta and more 
MAXIMUM ROCK N ROLL  #409 June 2017  $4.99 Add To Cart  
MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL  #411 August 2017  $4.99 Add To Cart  
MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL  #412 September 2017  $4.99 Add To Cart Alice Bag, Elix-R, Sacrificio, Dumb Fest, No U Turn, Fatigue, First Timers, Big Mess, Nothing Nice To Say, Cold Institution, Rhanny 
MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL  #416 January 2017  $4.99 Add To Cart Liz Prince, Fred Cole, Bent, Perverts Again, Composite, Diagnosis? Bastard!, Von Beat, Abortti 13, Zay, Oxidant, Kenny Kenny Oh Oh 
MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL  #418 March 2018  $4.99 Add To Cart JJ Jacobson, Martha, Karate Club, Snob, Dear Diary Zine Fest, Mauradeur, FITS, Senyawa, Neo Neos, Eric Bifaro and More 
MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL  #420 May 2018  $4.99 Add To Cart Little Debbie And The Crusaders / Celebrating Ten Years OF Bay Area Girls Rock Camp, Tim Yohannan, Kohti Tuhoa, All Torn Up, YC-CY, Careful not To Cry, Dark/Light, Death Ridge Boys, Everything Is Not OK IV, Miss Destiny, Marijuana 
MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL  #427 December 2018  $4.99 Add To Cart Ancient Filth, Jabber, The Funs, Giant Peach, The Shifters 
MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL  April 2018 Issue 419  $4.99 Add To Cart The All CutNPaste issue featuring the Cows, Neck Chop, Protocol, Rata Negra, Wollen Men, Forced Order, Illya, Cloud Rat, Finnish KBD, Katastrof, Score, Dots and Lemuria 
MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL  February 2018 Issue #417  $4.99 Add To Cart w/ charmpit, rash, isotope soap, dfmk, Erik Nervous, year end top ten issue and more 
MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL  No. 14 June 84  $10.00 Add To Cart State Of Mind, Psycho,Body Count 
MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL  No. 16 August 84  $10.00 Add To Cart Target Of Demand, Friendly Facism, Flag of Democracy 
MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL  No. 18 October 84  $10.00 Add To Cart Breaking The Silence On Gang Violence 
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