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Artist Description Price   Notes
NEIGHBORHOOD LIFE  #1  $2.00 Add To Cart DCHC zine by ambrose!! Mental, bloodkrow butcher, reviews andmore 
NO ANSWERS  #10  $2.00 Add To Cart  
NOCTURNA  No. 26  $3.00 Add To Cart Kiss, Dinosaur Jr, Static X, Children of Bodom. Comes with CD! 
NOTHIN' TO LOSE  The Making Of Kiss 1972-1975  $17.99 Add To Cart By Ken Sharp 
PETERSON, OSCAR  Jazz Masters Series  $3.99 Add To Cart By Richard Palmer 
PUNKS AROUND  A Punk Xmas Carol  $8.00 Add To Cart by Alexander Herbert 
PUNKSAROUND  Issue 9 Drug Us Recovery Outreach  $3.00 Add To Cart  
RAMESSES THE GREAT  Exhibition Catalog  $8.00 Add To Cart  
RAZORBLADES AND ASPIRIN  #10 Summer 2020  $10.00 Add To Cart Haram, Strike Anywhere, Enzyme and more 
RAZORBLADES AND ASPIRIN  Issue #14  $10.00 Add To Cart The Chisel, Roger Miret, Scowl, Public Acid, Bootlicker 
RE/SEARCH #16  The RE/Search Guide To Bodily Fluids  $18.99 Add To Cart by Paul Spinard 
RECORD  6/1/1993  $2.00 Add To Cart joan jett, ultravox, marianna faithfull, ramones, inxs, berlin, and more 
SNAKES GUILLOTINES ELECTRIC CHAIRS  My Adventures In The Alice Cooper Group  $17.99 Add To Cart By Dennis Dunaway and Chris Hodenfield 
SUBURBAN MUCUS  Mark Dincecco / Mike Gitter  $6.99 Add To Cart  
SWEDISH DEATH METAL  By Daniel Ekeroth  $34.95 Add To Cart  
TALKING JAZZ  Max Jones  $5.99 Add To Cart  
TEXAS IS THE REASON  The Mavericks Of Lone Star Punk  $26.99 Add To Cart  
TORTURE GARDEN  A Photographic Archive Of The New Flesh  $100.00 Add To Cart adult book 
TPLP56 / POR UNA HUMANIDAD LIBRE!  Chumbawamba Fanzine  $4.00 Add To Cart story of the Showbusiness! LP + includes a sticker 
TRIAL, THE  Franz Kafka  $3.00 Add To Cart  
TRIANGLE  Issue 1  $1.00 Add To Cart horoscope zine 
TYR  #5 Myth Culture Tradition  $25.00 Add To Cart  
UNHEARD MUSIC, THE  Pkotographs 1991 - 1997  $14.95 Add To Cart  
VISONARY GARDEN, THE  Philippe Fichot  $75.00 Add To Cart adult book 
WALKING DEAD, THE  Volume 1 Days Gone Bye  $4.00 Add To Cart  
WORLD OF JAZZ, THE  Rodney Dale  $17.99 Add To Cart  
WOUNDED HEALER, THE  By: Lux Lucidi  $29.99 Add To Cart  
XX GIRLS  Richard Kern  $80.00 Add To Cart adult book 
YOUNG, LESTER  Jazz Masters Series  $3.99 Add To Cart By Dave Gelly 
ZERO MAGAZINE  Volume Two  $26.99 Add To Cart 140 pages Japanese hardcore punk! 
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