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CHAISE TWO: A COLLECTION OF ART AND MUSI  Various Artists  Chaise Magazine  VIDEO $5.99 Add To Cart CD + DVD, Chaise Two contains over five hours of visual art, music, film, video, animation, and interactive pieces on a CD and DVD. 
CRAZY  By Melissa Jackson  Melissa Jackson  VIDEO $1.99 Add To Cart DVD 35 min run time Horror Doc. Melissa depicts her premonition, and her eventual breakdown through a series of weeks from the Entertainment field in her old home she bought to start anew..But 2 years later, she didn't know the breakdown would come to this...Melissa Jackson aka/ from House of Darkness, House of Light Andrea Perron interview..literally and mindfully melts in her Film her theme in the end sends a message...(some nudity). 
GATE TO THE MIND'S EYE  A Computer Animated Odyssey  Miramar  VIDEO $1.99 Add To Cart VHS. Music by thomas dolby!! 
IT'S A BASH!  A Film About Being In A Band  Midway Pictures  VIDEO $12.99 Add To Cart DVD documentary about Neutral Nation 
JULIETT 484  International Cultural Exchange  Mobius  VIDEO $6.99 Add To Cart dvd. performance art, video, installation, and sound: an international cultural exchange of artists from Poland and the US focused around the Russian Submarine Juliet 484 berthed in Providence RI 
MORRISSEY  Oye Esteban  Warner Brothers  VIDEO $2.99 Add To Cart DVD 
SMITH, ELLIOTT  Strange Parallel  Dreamworks / Producers Post  VIDEO $99.99 Add To Cart vhs documentary. Super rare!! 
WILCO  I Am Trying To Break Your Heart  Plexifilm  VIDEO $7.99 Add To Cart DVD 
Music: Indie: Videos Items 1 - 8 of 8