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BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE  The Poison Live at Brixton  Trustkill  VIDEO $2.99 Add To Cart DVD 
CHAISE TWO: A COLLECTION OF ART AND MUSI  Various Artists  Chaise Magazine  VIDEO $5.99 Add To Cart CD + DVD, Chaise Two contains over five hours of visual art, music, film, video, animation, and interactive pieces on a CD and DVD. 
CONTROL  The Tragic Tale of the Singer Of Joy Div  Genius  VIDEO $2.99 Add To Cart dvd 
CRAZY  By Melissa Jackson  Melissa Jackson  VIDEO $6.00 Add To Cart 35 min run time Horror Doc. Melissa depicts her premonition, and her eventual breakdown through a series of weeks from the Entertainment field in her old home she bought to start anew..But 2 years later, she didn't know the breakdown would come to this...Melissa Jackson aka/ from House of Darkness, House of Light Andrea Perron interview..literally and mindfully melts in her Film her theme in the end sends a message...(some nudity). 
CULT, THE  Dreamtime Live at the Lyceum  Fanclub  VIDEO $7.99 Add To Cart VHS 
GATE TO THE MIND'S EYE  A Computer Animated Odyssey  Miramar  VIDEO $1.99 Add To Cart VHS. Music by thomas dolby!! 
IT'S A BASH!  A Film About Being In A Band  Midway Pictures  VIDEO $12.99 Add To Cart DVD documentary about Neutral Nation 
JAPANESE STEROTYPE  13 Bands Live  K.O.C.  VIDEO $8.99 Add To Cart dvd. Live performances from: Echo, Fuck You Heroes, Humpty Dumpty, Husking Bee, Idol Punch, Razors Edge, Rise and Fall, Saigan Terror, Smash Your Face, The Futures, Tropical Gorilla, U.G. Man, Urban Terror 
JULIETT 484  International Cultural Exchange  Mobius  VIDEO $6.99 Add To Cart dvd. performance art, video, installation, and sound: an international cultural exchange of artists from Poland and the US focused around the Russian Submarine Juliet 484 berthed in Providence RI 
MORRISSEY  Oye Esteban  Warner Brothers  VIDEO $2.99 Add To Cart DVD 
SMITH, ELLIOTT  Strange Parallel  Dreamworks / Producers Post  VIDEO $149.99 Add To Cart vhs documentary. Super rare!! 
SONIC YOUTH  Corporate Ghost  Chronicles  VIDEO $4.99 Add To Cart DVD 
WILCO  I Am Trying To Break Your Heart  Plexifilm  VIDEO $7.99 Add To Cart DVD 
Music: Indie: Videos Items 1 - 13 of 13