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BORISOV, ALEXEI & ANTON NIKKILA  Before The Evroremont  NB Research  CD $2.99 Add To Cart  
BORISOV, ALEXEI & ANTON NIKKILA  Where Are They Now  NB Research  CD $2.99 Add To Cart  
BREATHE STONE / DOES, THE  Split  Hand/Eye  CD $4.99 Add To Cart  
BRIZBOMB  KBOO Live  Self Released  CD $6.99 Add To Cart  
BRUCKMANN, KYLE / ERNESTO DIAZ / JOHN SH  Grand Mal  Barely Audible / Pax  CD $5.99 Add To Cart  
BRUSASCHETTO, DANIELE  Bellies/pance  RRR  CD $4.99 Add To Cart  
BULLET IN THE HEAD  Jawbone Of An Ass  Lungcast  CD $8.99 Add To Cart Neil Burke/MRP label, NYC noise damage 
BURNING GIRLS  s/t  Self Released  CD $3.99 Add To Cart  
BURNING STAR CORE  Let's Play Wild Like Wildcats Do  Hospital  CD $9.99 Add To Cart  
C.N.P. DVD001    CNP  VIDEO $6.99 Add To Cart DVD Live performances from: Man Speaking Chinese, Atomatron, Hortus, Hallelujah!, Suppression, The Amoeba Men, and Ho-Ax 
C2  Cubed  Force Of Nature  CD $9.99 Add To Cart  
CAHIER  Nacimiento (Partition 1 & 2)  Audiobot  CD $4.99 Add To Cart  
CARNIVAL DE CARNITAS  Crash / Bang  Terminal Projects  EP $2.99 Add To Cart Yellow 
CARTER, TOM  Glyph  Digitalis  CD $4.99 Add To Cart  
CHAQUE OBJET  S/T  Evil Rabbit  CD $3.99 Add To Cart  
CHEVY BOYS, THE  s/t  Chevy Boys  CD $4.99 Add To Cart in dvd case 
CHILD ABUSE / MIRACLE OF BIRTH  Split  Lovepump United  CD $4.99 Add To Cart  
CITY BONES  Dead Close  Self Released  CASS $4.99 Add To Cart  
CLARINETTE  Nul  Cassetto Editions  CD $2.99 Add To Cart 2xCD, limited to 105 and OOP 
CLAY RENDERING  Vengeance Candle  Hospital  LP $9.99 Add To Cart  
CLAY RENDERING  Waters Above The Firmament  Hospital  LP $9.99 Add To Cart  
CLAY RENDERING  We Are Aware  Hospital  LP $9.99 Add To Cart clear vinyl 
CLOAMA  At the Mountains of Paranoia  Turgid Animal  CD $3.99 Add To Cart  
CLOUDS CROSSING  Live At Oberlin  Durable Stimuli  CD $3.99 Add To Cart  
COCK ESP  Hurts So Good  V/VM Test  CD $5.99 Add To Cart The Cock ESP Remix CD 
COCK ROBOT / KATZENMALLETS  Split  Roger  EP $5.99 Add To Cart Blue wax with clear see through distorted cover 
COLD CAVE / PRURIENT  Stars Explode  Hospital  LP $9.99 Add To Cart  
COMMISSARIS HJULER EN MAMA BEER  Mensen Die Kort Staan Voor De Zelfdoding  Ultra Eczema  LP $18.99 Add To Cart OOP. Ltd to 300. 
CONVEY, JOSHUA  Vacant Integument  Utech  CD $13.99 Add To Cart  
COOLER  Do Aliens Cry?  U-Cover  CD $4.99 Add To Cart  
CORPORATION, THE  The Shithead Dismantled  Fork Muzik  CASS $3.99 Add To Cart  
COVE, THE  s/t  Gods Of Tundra  CASS $1.99 Add To Cart  
COWARDS  Forgotten Resonance  Semata  CD $9.99 Add To Cart  
CRASH WORSHIP  Salute to Irwin  Vinyl Communications  EP $4.99 Add To Cart Members of Crash Worship 
CRAWL  All Who Oppose Me  Die Song  LP $39.99 Add To Cart lathe cut ltd to 50, artwork by Mat Brinkman, silkscreened sleeve 
CRO-MAGNON  s/t  Bruit Direct Disques  EP $5.99 Add To Cart  
CYCLOTIMIA  New death order  Stateart  CD $2.99 Add To Cart  
D. FORMA  Inside Hurts  Inner Demons  CD $2.99 Add To Cart mini-CD-R 
DAC  Teleco  Crunchpod  CD $4.99 Add To Cart Mini Cd 
DARLING, DAVID  Dark Wood  BMG  CD $6.99 Add To Cart  
DAVEY WILLIAMS  Firing up the Old Sikorsky  Table of the Elements  EP $3.99 Add To Cart White 
DBS / R4  Split  Fusion Audio  EP $3.99 Add To Cart Clear 
DDMMYYYY  Blue Screen of Death Journey to and esca  We are Busy Bodies  CD $4.99 Add To Cart  
DE RIDDER, WILLEM  Snuff  Touch  CD $7.99 Add To Cart Long OOP 
DEAD RAVEN CHOIR / NEVER PRESENCE FOREVE  Rozrywa szwy Ciszy  Somnambulant  CD $9.99 Add To Cart Ltd to 200 
DEAL BREAKER  s/t  Utech  CD $10.99 Add To Cart James Ilgenfritz, Aaron Ali Shaikh and Mike Pride, # 189/200, in brown paperboard sleeve 
DEARRAINDROP  Asid Rain  Fangs  LP $9.99 Add To Cart Picture Disc 
DEFOREST, ORRIN / JAZZFINGER  Split  Traqueto  LP $8.99 Add To Cart  
DEK BOO / OPEN STAR CLUSTERS  split  Pregnant  EP $1.99 Add To Cart  
DES ESSEINTES  Les Diaboliques  Malignant  CD $3.99 Add To Cart  
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